Day: November 20, 2022

adai recipe 1a
Breakfast Recipes

Adai Recipe | How to make Adai Dosa

Adai is one of the healthiest dishes from the South Indian cuisine. Thus, Adai Dosa is the perfect choice for a wholesome and filling breakfast meal, when paired with a bowl of sambar and chutney as well. Basically, these are delicious and protein-packed rice and lentil crepes, which are especially popular in the cuisine of […]

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bajra bhakri 1a
Indian Breads

Bajra Roti | Bajre ki Roti (Pearl Millet Flatbread)

These healthy, gluten-free flatbreads known as Bajra Roti (or Bajre ki Roti or Bajra Bhakri) are a delicious pairing for any Indian lentil or vegetable-based curry. My recipe is very easy to make, requiring just 20 minutes of prep time. Try making these tasty, hearty roti today! About Bajra Roti Bajra roti (also known as […]

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Scalloped Potato Rolls 5368
Comfort Food Recipes

Scalloped Potato Roll

Level up the scalloped potatoes with this smoky Scalloped Potato Roll – that’s scalloped potatoes, brushed with a smoky bacony marinade, baked then rolled up with a savory lentil sausage filling! So delicious! Glutenfree Nutfree recipe My assistant Dalana is quite creative with  presentation of foods she likes and she happens to love scalloped potatoes. […]

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