Month: November 2022

strawberry lassi recipe 1a

Strawberry Lassi

Strawberry Lassi recipe with step by step photos – a fruity berry twist to the regular lassi. Lassi is a popular drink during summers in North India. Excellent for beating the heat. I have a few recipes for the upcoming Holi festival and this strawberry lassi is one of them. Actually I wanted to make a bhaang […]

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Turkey WIld Rice Soup bowl
Meat Recipes

Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Have you eaten all of your Thanksgiving leftovers yet?? If not, here’s an amazing soup that you can make with that leftover turkey, and any leftover vegetables you may have laying around from all that Thanksgiving prep a few days ago. This Turkey and Wild Rice Soup is rich, flavorful, and just packed with goodies. […]

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corn kabab recipe 1a
Snacks Recipes

Corn Kebab | Sweet Corn Kabab

Corn Kebab recipe with step by step pics. This crispy and tasty sweet corn kabab is an easy to prepare snack. With the kabab recipe shared here you can also make corn fritters. You do not need an oven to make these kababs. Although if you have an oven, you can bake or grill these. […]

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paan shots 1a

Paan Shots | Paan Milkshake

The leaves of the betel vine, commonly known as ‘paan’ in Hindi, has been a very integral part of Indian cuisine. It has been used as a mukhwas (mouth freshener) and even a digestive aid after rich Indian meals since ages. However, in this post of mine, I have shared a unique recipe of Paan […]

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how to make coconut milk 1a
DIY & Collections

Coconut Milk Recipe | How To Make Coconut Milk

‘Kalpavriksha’ or the Divine Tree is what the coconut tree is known in Sanskrit. The reason being it is really the ‘tree of life,’ as every part of this tree – from the husky covering, shell, leaves and kernel to the flesh, water, oil and milk – is useful to human beings. In this post […]

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beetroot poriyal 1a
Vegetable Recipes

Beetroot Poriyal

Say hello to Beetroot Poriyal – a lightly spiced South Indian special preparation made with beets, coconut, spices and herbs. While you might be consuming beetroot in salads and juices, this is one of those easy ways where you can even cook this super nutritious root vegetable. As obvious, this dry dish has a beautiful […]

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Spam Stir Fry bowl
Dollar Store Dinners

Dollar Store Dinners – Spam Stir Fry Noodles

I know Spam is a polarizing ingredient, but the whole idea behind this Dollar Store Dinners series is making the most of what’s available, and there isn’t a whole lot to work with, food-wise, in a dollar store. So today I’m taking advantage of one of the few meat products at the dollar store: canned […]

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Baked French Toast 2502
Breakfast Recipes

Vegan Baked French toast

Vegan Baked French Toast is a simple sweet breakfast bake you need to add to the weekend morning rotation! Gluten-free option added. No standing around the stove flipping each toast! Soyfree recipe. Vegan Baked French Toast Casserole is an easy-to-make morning breakfast bake the whole family will love! Pieces of bread are covered in homemade vanilla […]

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khatta dhokla recipe 1a
Snacks Recipes

White Dhokla | Khatta Dhokla

White Dhokla is a fermented and steamed sour cake made from rice, black gram and sour yogurt. Hence, locally known as Khatta Dhokla. It is a tasty, nutritious, gluten-free snack from Gujarati cuisine – which has a vibrant and rich culinary heritage. In this post, I share the recipe to make a light and spongy […]

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samosa chana chaat recipe 1a
Snacks Recipes

Samosa Chaat

Samosa chaat recipe with step by step photos – lip smacking chaat recipe made with samosas, chana masala, various chutneys and spices. This is one of the popular chaat snack recipe from North India and makes for a filling snack. Few months back, when I had made baked samosas, I had also made this samosa […]

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