Month: September 2022

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza 5587

Deep Dish Pizza with Pretzel Crust

This Vegan Deep Dish Pizza with Pretzel Crust, homemade vegan cheese sauce, mushrooms and spinach is perfectly saucy, melty, gooey and really easy to make from scratch! And the pretzel crust takes it to another level! Soyfree Nutfree option Guys, I made this epic Deep Dish Pretzel Crust Pizza! That’s right, deep dish pizza meets […]

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Roasted Garlic close
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Roasted Garlic

I talk a lot about how oven-roasting magically makes everything taste better, and garlic is no exception! Fresh garlic has a spicy flavor punch, but roasted garlic has a deep, mellow, and slightly sweet flavor. It tastes great on its own or you can add it to just about anything you cook to give it […]

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Blueberry Syrup spoon
Sauce Recipes

Blueberry Sauce

Want to kick your weekend breakfast table up 1,000 notches? You can make this extraordinarily yummy blueberry sauce in about fifteen minutes with very minimal effort. And you probably have all the ingredients you need in your pantry and your freezer. Yes, freezer. We’re using budget-friendly frozen blueberries to create the most indulgent topping for […]

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ellu podi

Ellu podi recipe

Ellu podi for rice, idli and dosa. Spicy condiment with sesame seeds as one of the main ingredients. Very flavorful and flexible recipe. So handy as side dish for your breakfast as well as to mix with rice as part of your south Indian meal. Check out my sesame rice recipe, a quick and small […]

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Sabut Moong Dal 4944

Sabut Moong Dal – Creamy Green Mung Beans

Sabut Moong Dal – a delicious creamy North Indian dal made with green mung beans in the Instant Pot with green mung beans simmered in a fragrant tomato coconut milk sauce flavored with aromatic Indian spices. Serve with rice or flatbread for a comforting meal. Gluten-free Soyfree Nutfree Here’s a wholesome mung bean curry just […]

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south indian navratri recipes 1a
South Indian Food

South Indian Navratri Recipes

Navratri Festival is one of the most auspicious and grand festivals dedicated to Goddess Durga and her many forms. It is celebrated all over India in different ways, but with a lot of devotion, festivity and fanfare. This year, it begins on September 26 and end on October, 5 with Dussehra. I have specially created […]

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Peanut Tofu skillet
Vegetarian Recipes

Peanut Tofu

$6.74 recipe / $1.69 serving Budget Bytes » Recipes » Vegetarian Recipes » Tofu Recipes » Peanut Tofu Written by Beth – Budget Bytes Um, YUM! I just have to say that this Peanut Tofu is going to become a new staple in my house. It’s pretty easy to throw together, it’s a beautiful mix […]

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Tiramisu Sheet Cake 6029
Cake Recipes

Vegan Tiramisu Sheet Cake

This vegan Tiramisu sheet cake is easier and quicker! It has a light and fluffy sponge cake that’s soaked with indulgent coffee syrup and then topped with a rich and creamy homemade vegan mascarpone! And sprinkled with cocoa. Creamy moist and perfect. Gluten-free and nutfree options included. Craving tiramisu but don’t have time to make […]

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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork sandwich blank
Meat Recipes

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

$9.48 recipe / $1.19 serving Budget Bytes » Recipes » Meat Recipes » Pork Recipes » Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Written by Beth – Budget Bytes Something truly magical happens when you cook pork low and slow. It turns into the most mouth-watering tender and juicy meat you’ve ever had. And meat this tender is […]

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Baked Beans fresh
Bean & Grain Recipes

Baked Beans

$7.56 recipe / $0.76 serving Budget Bytes » Recipes » Bean & Grain Recipes » Bean Recipes » Baked Beans Written by Beth – Budget Bytes If you’ve only had canned baked beans in the past then you’ve GOT to try these homemade baked beans. They’re seriously delicious and make really incredible leftovers. I used […]

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